10 Trending Living Room Wall Decor Ideas, 2021

10 Trending Living Room Wall Decor Ideas, 2021

A living room is the first thing that your guests notice after entering your home. It is also a place where you spend most of the time with your family, either watching TV or catching up with interesting conversations. So, investing some time and effort in decorating your living room is a must! The first step to elevating the look of this space is to focus on the living room wall decor!

From deciding on the right colors to picking eye-catchy accessories to decorate the walls, every small detail can spruce up the entire look of your room. In this article, we have collected 10 such unique living room decor ideas to get started!

10 Different Living Room Wall Decor Ideas, 2021:

Unleash your creativity by taking cues from these 10 beautiful wall decoration ideas for living room:

1. Living Moss Wall Decor:

With a growing interest in natural and environment-friendly decor, living moss wall frames are in great demand. The frames are made with breathing moss that not only adds a green touch to your room, but also purifies the air inside. The best part? It needs zero maintenance, except a gentle spray of water once in a while. You can choose from different sizes and shapes to suit your living room wall!

2. Bohemian Wall Decor Idea:

Transform the blank wall behind your seating space into a Bohemian zone. Boho themes are popular for their inexpensive yet visually aesthetic concepts. Give importance to macrame wall hangings, planters, dream catchers, woven baskets, etc., to lend an earthy feel to the room. Adding some greenery and colorful dry flowers can spruce up the entire look. Keep the rest of the furniture aligned to the same theme.

3. Book Shelf Wall Decor:

This shelf decorating idea for living room is perfect for book worms who love their books than anything else! The blank wall on one side of the room can be converted into a mini library filled with colorful books. You can either go for fixed racks or pick floating shelves to create unique shapes on the wall. Arrange the books neatly and add a succulent or a vintage art piece to elevate its looks. Don’t forget to put in a reading light next to this area!

4. Mirror Wall Living Room Decor:

Mirrors can illuminate the room with their light-reflecting properties. They can also create an illusion of a larger space, making them ideal for smaller living rooms. Instead of using one large piece, go for smaller mirror stickers to form this giant glass wall. Look how the individual shapes create an interesting look for your room. Add some lights on the sides and the top to transform a dull room into a lively space!

5. Photo Gallery Wall in Living Room:

A photo wall is the best gift you can give to your family. Using a good collection of photographs with all the best memories frozen in time can turn out to a great idea to decorate your living room wall. Pick different sized frames and create an interesting layout. Also, make the wall “talk” by adding related words like “family”, “love”, “together” etc. in wood or metal.Paint the background in a neutral color to highlight your gallery.

6. Decorative Wall Panels for Living Room:

Check out this vertical pinstriped wall that adds a rustic touch to your living room. All it needs is an arrangement of timber wood stripes pinned to each other to create this stunning background. With a wall decor like that, you need not even add any other accessories like paintings, photographs or decoratives. Place some LED lights against the wall to give a mysterious look to the overall ambience.

7. Colored Walls for Living Room:

To make your living room environment more inspiring, you can add a touch of color to the walls. Keep the three sides of the room in a neutral color like beige, white or grey and use one side to design an accent wall. You can try using various color schemes to suit the theme of the room. Here is a blue and white ombre style, elegant wall decor that enlivens your living room and soothes your senses.

8. 3D Wall Paper Decor for Living Rooms:

Transform your dull and lifeless living room into a fairy land with these 3D wall papers. The realistic designs of these stick-on murals give the illusion of depth to the room, along with concealing the flaws the layout. Most importantly, these decor items add a complex to your otherwise simple room design and give your guests a jaw-dropping moment. From flowers to birds, sceneries and geometric patterns, there are plenty of designs to choose from!

9. Modern Living Room Wall Lighting Idea:

Get creative with your living room wall decor by using concealed lightings. Choosing an artistic element like this can amp up the look of your room and create a modern environment. You can go for PoP or flexible metal strips that are shaped into creative patterns like this. Add a row of LED lights along the surface to witness a unique light and shadow effect in the room. Make sure to keep the background of the walls in a neutral shade.

10. Family Tree Wall Art Decor Idea:

Another unique way of showcasing your family pictures is with a family tree wall design. You can either use a sticker or paint a large tree on the wall leaving spaces to hang the photo frames. This can be a standout idea to talk about your geneology with utmost pride. Keep the design in black and white or go for true colors like green, brown etc. depending on the wall color and the overall theme of the room.

We hope you loved this collection of living room wall decor ideas which are trending these days. Take inspiration from the concept and add your personal touch to it. So, which idea interested you the most?

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